The two mini-princes have grown quite tall: Also this year, the now three-year-old twins Jacques and Gabriella from Monaco accompanied their parents to the "Pique Nique Monegasque", a traditional summer picnic in the Princess Antoinette Park in Monaco. Although Mama Charlène (40) and dad Prince Albert II (60) had spruced themselves up, the twins stole the show in their sweet monegasque costumes.

Traditionally, all monegas are invited to folklore dances and barbecues, and this year around 1,000 people visited the picnic area at Princess Antoinette Park. The present guests saw a sweet picture: bravely and still awake ran Prince Jacques and his twin sister Gabriella at the hands of her parents to the celebrations. The little girl in a red and white striped skirt and embroidered apron, her little brother in beige trousers - just like the dad. In addition Klein-Jacques wore an embroidered vest and accessories in red.

But even without the protective hands of her parents Charlène and Albert, the mini-princes cut a fine figure. During a dance performance the two three-year-olds clapped their hands enthusiastically. Then Gabriella snuggled up to her little brother Jacques with a smile. How sweet!

Mercredi, septembre 5, 2018