Sabato, Marzo 22, 2025 - da 20:00 a 23:45


The Rose Ball, one of the country's major charity events, was first held in 1954 and is widely recognized as one of Monaco's most opulent evenings of the year. The Princess Grace Foundation, which was created in honor of the late Grace Kelly, profits from the event.

The Rose Ball, a brilliant spectacle with exquisite design, features new artists and fashions each year. Big celebrities provide a hand in planning the event's artistic elements, bringing their talents to life on stage in an almost dreamy setting to the delight of the audience.

The Ball is more than just a standard social gathering or an excuse to throw a party. Since 1964, all revenues and other unique prizes (sculptures, paintings, etc.) have been donated to the Princess Grace Foundation, making it first and foremost a globally renowned charitable event.

The purpose of this foundation is to provide charitable and humanitarian programs that benefit adults and children in need. This gala event, which starts at 8 p.m., is a renowned charity event as well as the first significant elite social event of the year. Princess Grace's family always attends The Bal de la Rose in full force and never misses the event. 





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