Many residency services offer a concierge concept with an expert relocation service.

Headquartered in the Principality, Monaco Residency Services' multi-lingual staff will assist you with personalized and adapted solutions to meet your private or organizational needs and to manage all your administrative and domestic requirements.

The concept of a personal concierge / assistant will enable you to fulfill even the smallest requests to your satisfaction, both in Monaco and throughout the Côte d'Azur.

Residency Services help you with

  • Residency card
  • Real Estate Services
  • Registration of vehicles
  • License plates
  • Monegasque driving license
  • Insurances
  • Banking 
  • Introducing to International Business- and Tax Professionals
  • Phone Fax Internet and TV Cable
  • Formalities for school inscriptions and extracurricular activities


Concierge Service

  • Interior design
  • Storage
  • Organising movers
  • Babysitters, masseurs, housekeepers, chauffeurs, gardeners...
  • Catering
  • Many other services in various sectors like: health, beauty, sport and leisure events


Service Gold

Depending on the need of a special or personal service please contact us >here< via our contact form. We are happy to support you with your relocation and transition.