On 10 June 1215 Monaco was conquered by the Genueses. The Grimaldis founded the today's palace, which served as a fortress at that time. Emperor Henri VI. granted the sovereignty to the leader Fulco del Castello over all areas, which bordered on Monaco.

The Welves and their allied ones, the Grimaldis are driven out from Genova and flee into the Provence.

On 8th January 1297 François Grimaldi conquered the fortress of Monaco disguises as a Franziskaner-monk.

In the year 1301 the Grimaldis lose control over Monaco and the rock. This was only back-conquered on 12 September 1331 by Charles I. He later acquires areas around Monaco such as Menton and Roquebrune. Charles I. became the first ruler (Seigneur) of Monaco.

In the year 1489 Charles VII. king of France and the count of Savoyen recognize the sovereignty of Monaco.

But the small State of Monaco shall find no peace for a long time. After a more than 100 day long siege the Genueses are back-pushed by the army of Lucien I. 1512 Monaco is recognized again as a sovereign state by Ludwig XII. In the year 1525 Monaco stands under Spanish protection of Charles Quint, since Augustin I. stood in the discord with France.

1612 Honoré II accepts the title prince and Seigneur by the Spanish king, that was passed on to its successors. On 14th September 1641 one of the most important agreements became signed after ten day long negotiation with the support of Richelieu of Honoré II. Monaco is lent all sovereign rights and grants the descendants the same position of the highest French aristocracy class and guarantees Monaco the protection by its friend the kingdom of France. After the death of the prince Honorée II., which we owe numerous removals of the today's palace, Louis mounts the throne. Thereupon follows Jacques I, which resigns to favour of its son Honoré III., who mounts the throne of Monaco with only 13 years.

1793, during the French revolution, the Grimaldis become expropriated. Their principality is acquired France. Some years later on 30 May 1814 Monaco is already returned by the first contract from Paris to the princes of Monaco. 1856 Charles III. mounts the throne. Am 2. Februar 1861 verzichtet Charles III. zu Gunsten von Frankreich auf Menton und Roquebrune. Even if the principality becomes smaller by more than half, it attains the independence of a prince state.

The economically most important year is surely 1863 in which Francois Blanc, owner and founder of the casino of bath Homburg (Taunus) received a 50-year-license for the "Société of the Bains de Mer" of the Casino. The "Société des Bains de Mer" is still today economically the most important instrument of Monaco with the properties of the most magnificent buildings, like the Hôtel de Paris, Hôtel Hermitage, the casino etc.

1869 the direct taxation in Monaco is abolished.

On 18th April 1956 Prince Rainer marries Grace Kelly, an American actress. This marriage attracts a lot of interest worldwide and contributes in the sixties and the seventies also to revive the prosperity of Monaco. It becomes from now on one of the first vacation addresses of the riches in the world. On 23 January 1957 princess Caroline is born.

On 1st February 1965 princess Stephanie is born. 1971 the construction work at a large project is locked after long time. In front of Fontvieille two hectares of land are wrung out of the sea.

Princess Grazia Patrizia, how Grace Kelly is also called, dies 1982 tragically in a car accident.

1993 Monaco becomes member of the United Nations.

2004 Monaco joins the Council of Europe on 5th October.

On 6th April 2005 prince Rainier III. of Monaco dies.

11th July 2005 prince Albert II. is inserted officially into the office.

19th November 2005 official accession of prince Albert of Monaco.