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The Bal de la Rose (The Rose Ball) was established by Princess Grace of Monaco in 1954. It is organised in March every year by the Monte-Carlo SBM group in the glamorous Salle des Etoiles of the Sporting Monte-Carlo.
A Society Event
This unique event brings together international high society for the first major society event of the year. In one evening, it illuminates the Principality with splendour and light, creating an atmosphere of brilliance and celebration.
Chaired nowadays by H.S.H. The Reigning Prince Albert II and H.R.H. Princess Caroline of Hanover, the Bal de la Rose is a symbol of glamour which continues the fascinating legend of Monte-Carlo, which it helped create. Its aura is such that it attracts many nameless admirers who wish to feel the dreamlike fairy‑tale of Monaco.

A Ball Combining Tradition and Modernity
SA brilliant spectacle in fabulous surroundings, the Bal de la Rose takes on a different theme every year, represented by artists, novel trends… Great names take charge of the artistic organisation of the evening, bringing its splendour to life, inviting everyone into a dreamlike dimension.


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