The Médiathèque de Monaco stands out as an exceptional cultural venue...

...offering much more than just books. For young and old alike, this institution is a multifunctional space where literature, cinema, music, workshops, meetings with authors and much more come together. Here are just some of the cultural treasures you'll find here!

Cultural horizons are broadened at Monaco's Media Library, Video Library and Sound Library, offering a unique immersive experience! The shelves are overflowing with literary treasures, while the video library offers a large collection of films and documentaries, transporting visitors into unexplored visual worlds. For fans of rich and varied sounds, the José Notari Sound Library offers an eclectic range of music, from classical melodies to the latest international hits. Wi-fi and computers are available free of charge, while headphones, glasses and a projection room are at your disposal. 

Whether you're a lover of literature, a film buff or an avid music lover, the Médiathèque de Monaco invites you to discover an exceptional cultural diversity that transcends artistic boundaries and promises to satisfy all sensibilities!


Friday, January 19, 2024