Just a few weeks ago, Queen Elizabeth II's British entrepreneur Jim Ratcliffe was knighted for his "services to business and investment". Previously, he was one of the most prominent advocates of Brexit. Sir Jim Ratcliffe is now planning to leave the UK and move to Monaco, according to the "Stern" and the British newspaper "Guardien".

As founder and head of the petrochemical group Ineos, Ratcliffe made billions and became one of the UK's most influential entrepreneurs. The Queen also emphasized his great role in the economic life of the country. Now pulls the 65-year-old (according to reports of the "star" * source) apparently to Monaco, as the British newspaper "Guardian" reports. Ratcliffe himself did not comment publicly.

Ratcliffe's fortune amounts to about 23.4 billion euros. He had recently revealed the amount himself, because he complained to the Sunday Times newspaper that he was not on the top of their billionaire list. He then gave the reporters an insight into his private accounts.

Brisant is Ratcliffe's departure from Britain, too, because the entrepreneur is a Brexit advocate. After the electorate's decision to leave the country from the European Union, he pushed the government into aggressive negotiations. "We have good cards in hand," he said loudly "Guardian". Europe relies on the British market.
Ineos, in which Ratcliffe holds 60 percent, called the alleged relocation plans "private matter" and did not comment. The Group emphasized that the company's headquarters will remain in London. According to the reports, however, the two co-owners of Ineos also want to follow their boss to Monaco. They each own 20 percent of the group. In the rich list they stand together in 16th place.

Thursday, August 23, 2018