Monaco has decided to "synchronise" school holidays with France

Commissioner General for Education, Isabelle Bonnal details the need to have synchronised the holidays with France and the choices offered to keep pupils occupied.
With her usual outspokenness, Isabelle Bonnal puts the church back in the middle of the village. Or rather the desk in the middle of the classroom. Recently promoted to the position of Commissioner General for National Education, Youth and Sport, she intends to calm down those who are worried about the time difference between the spring holidays.

"There is no point in getting agitated because we are listening to announcements made by others. If you talk to my department, we'll tell you things as they are", warned the woman who has been at the head of the Principality's education system for ten years. And she is speaking for the first time to argue the government's choice to align itself with the school calendar modified by France for the month of April 2021: to bring forward the holidays by two weeks so as to slow down the spread of the epidemic in France.


Friday, April 9, 2021