The sovereign spoke again, Thursday, December 17, to announce the extension of the curfew until January 15, as well as special measures for Christmas Eve and December 31.
For the fourth time, in this very special year, Prince Albert II spoke to the country early Thursday evening.

After announcing the confinement to the population on March 17, deconfinement on April 27 and the new health measures on October 30, this time, still from the Prince's Palace, the sovereign reserved his speech to call on the country to be vigilant. And announce new adaptations.

Expressing his gratitude to all the professionals in various fields mobilized during this crisis, the sovereign recalled that "our priority objective obviously remains the health protection of the population, our relatives, our elders. We must also allow our economy to continue to operate, under certain constraints, in order to best preserve our social model ".


Sunday, December 20, 2020