Every Tuesday in August, Monte Carlo Bay hosts an exhibition and presentation of exclusive and unique jewelery from around the world.

On Tuesdays 31.7. , 7.8., 14.8. and 21.8., each day from 17.00 until 21:00 MCM creativ media and the well-known designer Atelier Marcel Bonni presents unique pieces of jewelry from all over the world, in the famos Monte Carlo Bays - BlueGin.

In addition to his well-known and unique individual collection, Marcel Bonni shows unique jewelry pieces, for example the renowned Diamondgroup and other well-known manufacturers. In addition to the jewelery itself, there is still a very special offer. Marcel Bonni designs for you, free of charge and without obligation and if you are interested, an individual jewelery that could be unique to you all over the world.

Jewelery is a special value, so a piece of jewelry should be as individual as you are. Under this guide, this worldwide unique exhibition takes place.

In addition to the show and presentation in the exhibition, you will learn everything about topics such as: From where come certain gems but also everything worth knowing about the history and the processing of the exhibited gems and jewels.

A timely registration, via our contact form here is requested.

Sunday, July 22, 2018