The Mayor of Monaco explains

The mayor of Monaco, Georges Marsan, says he has no news from the Princely Government on the financing of the second phase of work on the site, although a budget of 16 million euros was planned.

The second most visited site in the Principality remains closed with no date set for reopening. At best, it will be during 2023...

Indeed, after the consolidation of the false rocks in the decor, the budget that was to be allocated for the continuation of the work in 2022 and 2023 was 16 million euros. This sum was to cover both the financing of the studies and the remaining work. But today, the municipality is unaware of the government's position, as the mayor has not received any official response to his letter to the Minister of State Pierre Dartout at the end of last year.
Another problem in this dossier, which is a "priority" for the mayor, is the future of the staff of the Exotic Garden, to whom temporary measures have been announced and the site is due to reopen in June 2022. Today, the majority of the Exotic Garden's employees are assigned to other positions and are still waiting...


Friday, January 14, 2022