The names of the future streets are known 

At a public meeting on Monday evening, the town council unanimously approved the names of the various areas of the Mareterra project.

In consultation with the project's owners, the Princely Palace submitted a proposal to the town council concerning the names of the future streets and areas of the sea extension.
These were all unanimously approved. 

To the east, where the residential part is located, Monegasques will soon be able to stroll along the tree-lined pine forest valley and along the Prince Jacques promenade. In the centre of this block will be Avenue Mareterra.

To the west, the part of the project intended for port, aquatic and restaurant activities, will be the Petit Portier quay, the Princess Gabriella square and the Prince Jacques esplanade.

This future district will also have a swimming pool, which will be called "Piscine Princesse Charlène" and a green space called "Pinède".


Thursday, January 27, 2022