This Monaco fireworker defends his profession against environmental criticism

Stéphane Lobono, managing director of Flash Art Monaco, is in charge of creating the only two fireworks displays in the Principality this summer. He explains why the impact on the environment is reduced.

Although they have been delighting the eyes of young and old alike for ages, fireworks have been under fire for some time now for their impact on the environment.
The Principality, sensitive to this cause, decided last year to stop the fireworks competition that used to punctuate the Monegasque summer evenings every year. The same goes for the National Holiday: last November, the traditional fireworks display was replaced by a drone show that caused a sensation in the Monegasque night above the Princely Palace.

Was it necessary to give up fireworks for good, at the risk of disappointing the many fans? The Monaco Town Hall has decided to continue with two fireworks displays, which will be fired from the Hercules port on Saturday 30th July and Saturday 13th August 2022 at 10pm.
Stéphane Lobono, the director of Flash Art Monaco, is in charge of these two pyrotechnic shows. He explains why the fires he will be firing will have a reduced impact on the environment.



Saturday, July 30, 2022