The comparison with Formula 1 follows the electric car racing series.

Formula E was in Monaco and Jean-Éric Vergne won. The show factor is intended to create identity.

The racing series of the electric cars is still slightly in its infancy, in the fifth season. "We want to be different," says co-founder Alberto Longo. The main problem: The constant comparisons with the Formula 1, the premier class in motosport. In Monaco, these offer even more, since the street circuit is one of the F1 classics. In two weeks his 90th anniversary is due. A big shadow following the formula E. When asking for fan merchandise in souvenir shops, you only get an innocent smile.

The shops swill over in front of F1 articles. But yes, there! At least a compulsory advertising poster. Around 40,000 people commute daily to the Principality, which itself has only 38,000 inhabitants. The city state is considered the belly button of the region. Behind the mountains you are fast in Italy. Nice is 20 km away. Many workers live there.

The race series is still making losses. Although sponsors are gaining money, questionable deals with Saudi Arabia are bringing in money, but there is still room for public reaction.

Formula E does not run on the complete F1 circuit. The route up to the casino and the tunnel were left out. Out of concern, the battery could not last the longer lap. 

We believe in the future of Formula E and keep our fingers crossed!


Monday, May 13, 2019