After negotiating the Fairmont hairpin too quickly in Monaco

This Saturday in Monaco, shortly after 6pm, two men aged 16 and 22 were involved in an impressive road accident after negotiating the Fairmont hairpin at too high a speed.

The Monaco Grand Prix is only eleven weeks away, but a 16-year-old driver apparently thought he was in the seat of a Formula 1 car shortly after 6pm on Saturday.
At the wheel of a Citroën AMI, an unlicensed electric car limited to 45km/h, the minor negotiated the Fairmont hairpin, considered the slowest corner in the F1 world championship, too quickly.

The scene was filmed from different angles and posted on TikTok and widely shared on social networks. In the various videos, as the car enters the tight corner, the tyres can be heard screeching, before the two left-hand wheels lift dangerously. 

The rear of the car then violently hits the imposing bollards that secure the pedestrian pavement in front of this luxury hotel in the Principality.
Fortunately, at least two people were in the path of the car behind it.




Monday, March 13, 2023