Prince Albert II largely renews the Council of Regency

The news headlines in the Journal de Monaco published on 15 March. By sovereign decision dated 8 March 2024, four members of the Council of Regency have been appointed. And the cast has been almost completely renewed.

Prince Albert II chose to form this quartet with Évelyne Genta, Christophe Steiner, Charles-Henri Rey and Frédéric Sangiorgio. Frédéric Sangiorgio was a member of the previous team, but the others are newcomers.

They replace Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Emmanuel Falco and Laurent Anselmi, appointed in January 2022 and now removed from this area of power.

A strategic body

The Council of Regency is a highly strategic body that comes into play in particular in the event of the death or abdication of the reigning prince to ensure the continuity of the Crown if the hereditary prince is a minor, as specified in article 4 of Sovereign Order no. 5.344 of 2 June 2015 on the subject.

Article 11 of the same Sovereign Order details that the Council of Regency is chaired by the spouse of the Prince Regnant who is not separated de jure or de facto, surrounded by the President of the Crown Council; the Secretary of State; the President of the Council of State and four persons appointed by Sovereign Decision.



Saturday, March 16, 2024