Construction is also progressing well in 2018. Last year, the extension on the sea has begun to expand the area of ​​Monaco. Today, on only 2 square kilometers, with 40,000 inhabitants, too many are limited to such a small area. Then, also because of the 2008 crisis that hit poor and rich countries, the project was scaled down, however, the stratospheric dimensions remained: 6 acres of footprint on an underwater slab that will house a luxury eco-district with 60,000 square feet of housing ,

A futuristic work that bears the Renzo Piano signature and provides ten years of work and costs of around € 2 billion. In April the works started in the neighborhood called Anse Portier, between the Grimaldi Forum and Port Hercule. For ten years, the Principality will be a construction site, but you can bet that only a few trucks on the streets of the city center will be traversed with material for the creation of the platform; it is more likely that it comes directly to the place by sea.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018