...sublimated by a majestic ballet of drones

As part of the festivities of the National Day in Monaco, 196 drones flew over the Hercules port and the Rock this Thursday evening to offer a show in ten acts. Majestic.

Twenty o'clock sharp, this Thursday in Monaco. The whole Condamine district has gone dark. Even the Attractions Fair, usually so bright and sparkling, was plunged into darkness.
The eyes of the onlookers then turned towards the sky where a full moon lit up the Hercules port. For ten minutes, nothing. 

Then, from the square in front of the Princely Palace, 196 drones took to the skies to form the first of ten nocturnal tableaux. 
The first figure performed by these flying machines was a firework display. This was a nod to the fireworks show, which was sacrificed for this National Holiday in favour of this 100% ecological show concocted by the Monegasque company MC-Clic.
And then, the shapes followed one another for twelve minutes above the Princely Palace lit up in red and white: the planet Earth, a sea turtle, a tree, the Princely Palace, the Monegasque flag, a ten to evoke the tenth anniversary of the marriage of Prince Albert and Princess Charlène, the monogram of Albert of Monaco transforming into "A" and "C" for Albert and Charlène.

And then, at the end, the Viva Munegu was written in full letters.
An innovative show appreciated by the public. 


Friday, November 19, 2021