All commercial establishments (including restaurants, casinos, cafes, concert halls, cinemas and nightclubs) must apply this measure

After the French Prime Minister’s announcement on Saturday evening to close businesses not essential to the life of the country in France, unsurprisingly, the Monegasque government has followed in the footsteps of the neighboring country.

At 10:30 p.m. Saturday, a press release from the princely government announced a similar decision, calling on everyone to respect these measures.

"Faced with the progression of the Covid-19 epidemic in the neighboring countries of the Principality, the princely government on the instruction of the sovereign prince decides to close non-essential places open to the public at midnight and until further notice .

All commercial establishments (in particular restaurants, casinos, cafes, concert halls, cinemas and nightclubs) must apply this measure. Food stores and markets, pharmacies, tobacco and news outlets, gas stations and banks will remain open. As well as places of worship.

Before the official government announcement, at around 9 p.m., Stéphane Valeri spoke via Facebook to call for these emergency measures, which already began to raise a lot of comments, particularly on social networks.

"The elected members of the National Council obviously appeal to common sense and everyone's responsibility. There is no present or future problem of supply in food stores. Interference must also be limited via social networks. We must fully support our caregivers and avoid adding irrational behavior to the crisis. Everyone is concerned and we all must follow the instructions to curb the spread of this virus. The strength of our economic and social model will allow our country to overcome this serious crisis better than any other country, "wrote the President of the National Council.


Monday, March 16, 2020