As part of its Innovation and Quality of Life projects, the Department of Equipment, the Environment and Urban Planning is conducting an air pollution test in the carrefour shopping center car park.

Air quality measuring devices are installed from 25 March to 7 April 2019 by the specialized company Kali'air at the exit of the vehicles and in the middle of the car park at level -1.

These devices make it possible to evaluate the quality of the air at strategic points of the car park.

Panels, developed by the Italian company Anemotech and whose innovative coating called "theBreath" is cleaning up, have been installed near the measuring devices.

The objective of the test is to evaluate the quality of the air before the installation of the depolluting panels and a few days later. The differences between the two periods will be analyzed as well as the fabric of the panels after use to evaluate the captured pollution. The expected result is an improved air quality thanks to the installation of these depolluting panels.


Thursday, April 4, 2019