have already started in Monaco, with discounts of up to 50% off

While the winter sales will only start on Wednesday 11th January in France, the promotions have already been on display in Monaco since Monday. A first day of good deals, but a timid one as the day was a public holiday in the Principality.

The Grimaldi street is quiet, unusually quiet for a 2nd January, the date that marks the beginning of the sales in the Principality every year.
"You can see it on the street, it took me five minutes to get here," joked Audrey, from the Monte-Carlo Fashion boutique. The ready-to-wear saleswoman, who has been present on this street for about fifteen years, regrets the absence of customers on this public holiday. "Those who work are not here, those who have left have not yet returned. It's more the ones who are walking around and say to themselves "oh my, it's the sales!".

"Solidarity with the other shops

The same is true of the neighbouring shops. "It's rather quiet," concedes Inès on the opposite pavement at Claudie Pierlot. But she prefers to see the glass as half full.



Wednesday, January 4, 2023