The Grimaldis are not plagued by junior worries, on the contrary! Prince Albert has with son Jacques a direct, legitimate hereditary prince. And the descendants of his sisters Caroline and Stéphanie are also ready for succession in the miniature state of Monaco. Gala (* source) showed in the TOP 15, who ranks at which position

When Albert II married South African swimmer Charlene Wittstock in 2011, Monaco took a deep breath. Finally a new princess and finally chances for a legitimate heir!

Because Albert had already become a father before his wedding, but remained unmarried. The two children Jazmin Grace and Eric Alexandre were therefore excluded from the succession.

Until the birth of Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques on December 14, 2014, Albert's sister Princess Caroline ranked on the top of the throne, followed by her children.

Baby boom in Monaco:

For some years it still looked bad for the Monegasque succession. In the meantime there can be no question of that! The Grimaldis experience a veritable baby boom, similar to the Swedish royal family.

Men have priority:

The Monegasque prince throne goes in direct and legitimate line to the descendants of the ruling prince. Male descendants take precedence over females, which meant to Prince Albert's children that the second-born twin, Prince Jacques, took precedence over his sister Gabriella and became heir to his father.

Each descendant at the top of the line of succession pushes his cousins, cousins, aunts and uncles further back. If, for example, Pierre Casiraghi still has children, his children and his sister Charlotte join in behind them. And also the younger Max could - as well as hereditary Prince Jacques - past his older sister India in the succession of the throne.

Thursday, May 31, 2018