Nothing replaces the pelvis

While the sport in the Principality is still at a standstill, the Monegasque Swimming Federation (FMN) is already working on its recovery. The confinement period has had a particularly negative effect on swimmers, like many athletes around the world.

Like many activities, whether sporting or economic, swimming came to an abrupt halt in mid-March. The containment having been announced in the Principality on March 17 by the Sovereign, it was necessary to act quickly. "During this health crisis, there were three highlights," says Michel Pou, general coach of the Monegasque Swimming Federation and AS Monaco swimming, "the first, the easiest in a way, was the closure which followed government announcements.

Secondly, there was a period of resilience and acceptance of the situation, and finally the third phase, that of today, with restructuring. Some may start to dream again, imagining that we will find a normal life but different from the one before.

Sport is not as high priority as other activities, but like everyone else, it was special and difficult.


Friday, May 22, 2020