The royal mentor and master of ancient traditions. 

Yulia Sheremeteva now focuses her mentoring work from her new adopted home of Monaco.

The mentor of royal families and many prominent clients worldwide. Her experience comes from her lifelong research in oriental traditions and modern technologies of consciousness expansion.  

Yulia is a specialist in psychosomatics, photographer, poet, artist. In 2002 Yulia left for Tibet in search of her destiny: she spent seven years in India where (with the guidance her Master Teacher) she studies Raja Yoga and diverse cultures of ancient India. Yulia has achieved mastership of 7 steps of Raja (Kriya) Yoga, and she is one of the few people on this planet to achieve this level of mastership. Yulia’s search for answers to existential questions continued in China, at the Gulun Kungfu Academy of Oriental Martial Arts. While traveling a lot around the world, she integrated knowledge and created her own personal transformation system "New Dimension". Yulia now lives in Monaco and works in “International association in Monaco”. Yulia is a unique person with a special gift to reveal the potential and to unpack the talents of any person who comes into her field. Educational background in ancient traditions: Master Lama Yonten Gyaltso. The Jonangpa school is one of Tibetan Buddhism. The Kalachakra tantra; Master Victor Smirnoff. A School of oriental martial arts “Interregional Thaing Federation”. Green belt Burmese swords Taing Federation; India - Master Swami Shankarananda Giri Maharaj. Raja Yoga, meditation, Vedic astrology, Kriya yoga 7 steps; China - Master Wu Nan Fang. Shaolin The Gulun Kung Fu Academy. Qigong, sword; USA - “The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre”. Yoga Acharya.

Yulia created an individual VIP course Metaphysics of Abundance”. Duration 1 month. The course is specifically designed by Yulia Sheremeteva for people who aspire to acquire spiritual, physical and social well-being, optimal performance, success, creativity, and overall emotional satisfaction with life. Based on ancient and contemporary edge-cutting scientific, bioenergetic, psychological, and physical technologies the course procures a path to complete quantum synchronization and coherence of the body, mind, and consciousness.

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Yulia is a unique person with a special gift to reveal the potential and to unpack the talents of any person who comes into her field. 

Thursday, August 12, 2021