....When the Prince comes to comfort you

There's no place like home: Formula 1 in Monaco, that means for the drivers up to 290 kilometres per hour through the narrow streets of the Principality, 50 gear changes per lap, while the fans cheer them on from yachts and pools. Despite a crash in qualifying, Monegasque-born Charles Leclerc was expected to start from pole in his Ferrari for his home race, where he had never seen the chequered flag in his entire Formula 2 and Formula 1 career.

But instead it all fizzled out in a dramatic finale before the race had even started. Leclerc's car was apparently more seriously damaged than the Scuderia had hoped. Already on the opening lap there were problems with the left drive shaft, shortly afterwards the racing team announced that Leclerc would not be starting. The pole remained empty, Prince Albert II had to console. 

In the end, Max Verstappen was the winner with his RedBull.




Monday, May 24, 2021