Everything you need to know about the new charter being prepared to boost trade in Monaco

This is one of the main areas of work for the Union des commerçants et des artisans de Monaco (UCAM) for 2023. Its president gives an update on this project and the priorities for this year

The president of the Union des commerçants et des artisans de Monaco (UCAM), Alexandre Pasta, recently unveiled the association's work priorities for 2023. With an unwavering desire to make the Principality's commercial life ever more dynamic, the president explains why he and his colleagues are working on revising the charter of excellence for Monaco's commerce.

Why a new charter?

The previous charter dates back to 1999. It was drawn up under the reign of Prince Rainier III. Adopted by 260 retailers and worked on at the time in conjunction with the Qualité Monaco association, it is no longer up to date, according to Alexandre Pasta. "Especially for sustainable and digital development."
At the end of last year, in conjunction with the representatives of the shopkeepers in each district, the president therefore launched the revision of this document.
What are the future main lines?

"We are returning to the continuity of opening hours. For the commercial vitality of Monaco, it would be good to stop the lunch break. Alexandre Pasta is aware that the abolition of the lunch break will incur costs. "We are here to support and provide solutions. It is still necessary to tackle this issue head on.

Support for exceptional weekend openings is also one of the main points. "Today, during major events such as the Grand Prix or the international tennis meeting in April, 70% of the shops in Monaco are open at the weekend. It would be good to reach 100%. Without seeking to open all Sundays, UCAM's wish is to identify those that are necessary for a relevant opening.




Wednesday, March 1, 2023