Prince Albert II of Monaco (60) will receive the Taurus European Cultural Award on Friday together with the German Sea Foundation for his commitment to environmental protection.

The head of state arrives only Friday at the award ceremony in the Frauenkirche. But research vessel "Aldebaran" is already on the Elbe.

From Lake Constance, the 13-meter-long eco-yacht was towed by land to Saxony and launched on Monday at the Alberthafen in Dresden (!).

Until Friday, the Aldebaran anchors unmistakably on Terrassenufer, receives three school classes from Chemnitz, Rochlitz and Eppendorf on board. Students can get information about the research as well as marine pollution. The ZDF was already at the beginning of the week with the ship towards Saxon Switzerland on the road - despite low tide.

"Although the Aldebaran is seaworthy, but can fold her sword and requires in shallow water areas only 80 inches of water under the keel," said research team chief Frank Schweikert.


Thursday, June 7, 2018